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Burlington is no stranger to adding to an existing collection. Earlier this year, the bathroom brand that champions the elegant aesthetic added new colours to its Bespoke Collection. Prior to that, it launched its oh-so-sleek art deco-style Riviera Collection to add some personality into the classical bathroom. Its recent move has seen the brand levelled up in the traditional bathroom arena by launching brushed nickel finish in its taps and accessories.

Offering a truly time-honoured, luxurious result, brushed nickel makes the optimal finish for any classic bathroom interior. An ideal option for those who prefer a more understated aesthetic, the brushed nickel finish gives a soft, satin-like appearance that flawlessly complements various colour schemes and interior styles from contemporary, to transitional, or even traditional.

A traditional bathroom with pink tiled floors and floral back wall

Image credit: Burlington

One of the most durable finishes available, brushed nickel is favoured in a bathroom, due to its ability to withstand daily use and retain its appearance. Unlike the shiny surface of chrome, brushed nickel is much more forgiving when it comes to fingerprints, water spots and scratches.

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Main image credit: Burlington


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