Ready for an unforgettable escapade with family and friends? Experience the rich history and enduring elegance of The Windsor Hotel, a Victorian architectural gem located in downtown Americus, Georgia. Boasting exquisite design, lavish accommodations, and top-notch service, The Windsor Hotel in Georgia transcends being just a lodging—it’s a destination that guarantees an unforgettable stay.

Windsor Hotel in Georgia

A Legacy of History

Built in 1892, The Windsor Hotel stands tall, a living tribute to the splendor of Victorian-era architecture spanning more than a century. Its defining attributes—a majestic structure, delightful balconies, and a breathtaking three-story open atrium lobby—once played host to a myriad of grand events and festivities.

Despite closing its doors in 1972, the hotel saw a revival through meticulous refurbishments in 1991, 2010, and 2019, seamlessly melding its historic allure with contemporary comforts.

Windsor Hotel in Georgia Lobby Area

Elegant Accommodations

Presently, The Windsor Hotel in Georgia presents 53 elegant guest rooms, which include six Suites and two distinctive Tower Suites. Guests have the pleasure of indulging in the luxurious Bridal Suite or the esteemed Carter Presidential Suite, commemorating local resident and 39th President, Jimmy Carter.

These rooms offer modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, granite bathroom countertops, and a mini-fridge, ensuring a comfortable stay within a historical ambiance.

Windsor Hotel in Georgia Bridal Suite

Fine Dining and Entertainment Options

Visitors at the Windsor are welcomed to savor a delightful culinary experience at the esteemed Rosemary & Thyme Restaurant, known for its delectable American cuisine. For a more relaxed setting, Floyd’s Pub offers a selection of invigorating cocktails and delectable dishes. And make sure not to overlook the inviting rocking chairs on the veranda—ideal for unwinding after a day of exploration.

Windsor Hotel in Georgia Rosemary & Thyme

Accolades and Recognition

The Windsor Hotel’s dedication to excellence has garnered significant attention. It has been showcased on NBC’s “The Today Show”, featured in prestigious publications like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Southern Living magazine. Moreover, it proudly holds Georgia’s Department of Tourism Excellence in Customer Service Award and a National Preservation Award.

Windsor Hotel in Georgia Outside sitting area

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated wedding in our grand lobby, leading a business meeting in one of our conference rooms, or simply exploring local attractions, The Windsor Hotel in Georgia is a captivating fusion of history, opulence, and Southern charm. Immerse yourself in the Victorian charm of this castle-like hotel, just a short drive from the renowned Plains and the Andersonville National Historic Site.

Step into the past while relishing the comforts of the present at The Windsor Hotel in Georgia. Secure your reservation now and become part of its prestigious legacy!

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