Tesseraux + Partner designs counter-top washbasins for Bette


Bette has introduced two new counter-top bowl washbasins that showcase a contemporary slim-rimmed design. 

The BetteCurve and BetteLiv washbasins, both designed by Tesseraux + Partner, are created from titanium-steel, which is then covered with a durable enamel surface.  

The BetteCurve basin has an organic, curved shape, which slopes inwards at the top with a gently rounded edge – helping to keep splashes within the basin. The BetteCurve basin is available with a diameter of 320mm or 420mm, and stands at 115mm high. BetteLiv meanwhile is a minimalist interpretation of the classic wash bowl, with an elegant, slightly reduced depth. Like BetteCurve, BetteLiv is available with a diameter of 320 mm or 420 mm, but stands at 100 mm high. Both basins have a completely flat underside, ensuring a smooth connection between the product and the surface it is installed upon.

Bette Washbasin

In addition to a range of glossy colours, the new basins are available in 32 matte and four shimmering effect colours: Blue Satin, Forest, Midnight and Daylight. Waste covers are enamelled in the same colour as the basins themselves, which can also be finished with BetteGlaze Plus, reducing the cleaning required through a water and dirt-repellent effect. 

Like all Bette bathroom products made of glazed titanium steel, the new washbasins are fully recyclable, and free of plastic, chemical additives, thinners and solvents.

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