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Noa Beach can be found in prime position on one of the largest and most beautiful beaches of the island of Saint-Barthélemy in the Caribbean. Like its menu, the décor is all about fusion, steeped in both tropical and Mediterranean inspiration while creating its own style in the Caribbean. Delicate hues of sand, sienna and terracotta have been elegantly and expertly put together, setting the stage for a daily celebrations underscored by incomparable sunsets best enjoyed with an Osaka Sour in hand.

view from natural wood tables under bamboo roof at Nao Beach

Image credit: Hugo Allard

This lifestyle destination of the Annie Famose & Blackcode groups is all about a new culinary experience on the white sand. On the menu are original creations imagined by the Japanese chef Kawaï (executive chef of the Blackcode Group, Nobu LA) and the French chef Alexandre Delage, who pilots the cuisine of the Annie Famose Group establishments since 2019. A perfect fusion of the talents and gastronomic sensibilities of each, for the benefit of a mixed, fresh and original menu.

This approach extends to the design concept of Nao Beach, with the curated and contemporary furniture designed for the project being a combination of French craftmanship, both from the mainland and from overseas territories. Use of sustainable materials has been a priority to ensure that the project respects the natural environment which is an inherent part of its design and its location. Recycled fluted wood, tables made of certified wood, furniture draped in artisanal palm leaf weavings, screens allowing natural shade, all reflect the tones and textures of its pristine location. The bar is decorated with ceramics crafted by Chiara Andreatti for Bottega Nove, which are enshrined in delicate panels dressed in exotic leaves.

Similar attention to detail and quality is reproduced in the table layout with every element considered. The chopstick stands shaped as seashells are handmade by the Parisian ceramicist Marion Graux, while the organic soy dishes are made from olive tree wood.

Both Annie Famose and Blackcode groups already have a presence on the island with Kinugawa and La Petite Plage. Nao Beach is the tale of two friends who share the same passion for ‘l’art de vivre’  – it is about the pooling of two sets of talents to bring out the best in both, to create something truly unique.

Main image credit: Hugo Allard

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