Beachgoers Need to Pack for a Safe and Stress-Free Trip


The beach is always an ideal vacation spot whether you’re seeking aquatic adventures or simply want to feel the soft sand between your toes. After all, there are numerous top-rated beach destinations around the world, from stunning Florida beaches here in the US to the sunny islands in the Bahamas. But after you’ve searched for the best deals for airfare and hotel, it’s time to think about the essentials you need to pack. So, here are a few items you simply can’t leave off your list, as they help ensure a safe and stress-free beach experience.


sunscreen for the beach

When you’re at the beach, the last thing you want is to burn or damage your skin due to harsh sunlight. So while sunscreen is essential all year round, it’s especially crucial when visiting beach destinations like the Maldives and Seychelles Islands, as their location exposes you to a relatively high ultraviolet (UV) index. The FDA advises choosing broad-spectrum sunscreens that block both UVA and UVB rays and mineral sunscreens with safe and effective ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Mineral sunscreens from brands like ATTITUDE and Babo Botanicals have been tested and approved, preventing human health and environmental risks otherwise found in traditional sunscreens.


Sunglasses for the beach

No matter where or when you travel, sunglasses are a beach staple that offer style, comfort, and protection all at once. Even if you wear eyeglasses, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing sun safety for vision correction; you can get prescription sunglasses to help you see clearly and shield yourself from the sun. Top brands such as Ray-Ban allow you to match your prescription with their classic models, such as Wayfarer or New Aviator. You’re free to match the frame style to your beach outfits, but it’s best to choose oversized frames or wraparounds to maximize coverage for your eye area. Ultimately, whether you go for affordable yet trendy choices from Vogue Eyewear or splurge on high-end frames from Ray-Ban and Oakley, what matters is your eyes are fully protected from UV radiation.

Protective swimwear

Protective wear for the beach

Balancing style and UV protection is also made possible in your choice of swimwear. Beyond a plain one-piece or bikini, fashion magazine Glam recommends long-sleeved swimwear trends to stay safe and stylish while soaking under the sun. These include a chic and romantic off-shoulder look and a creative cut-out to add a bit of spice to your swimsuit. These protective swim sets aren’t just for strolling on the beach but can even be worn on eco-adventures at fun-filled beaches like Daytona. You can sport an athletic zip-up one-piece when kayaking or surfing or opt for a color-block look to remain visible along nature and hiking trails.

Flip-flops or sandals

flip flops for the beach

Your choice of footwear matters, too. Remember to bring flip-flops or sandals so you don’t have to risk walking on hot sand and injuring your feet from glass shards, sea shells, or other sharp objects ashore. The outdoor brand REEF offers beach-appropriate footwear made of natural materials like jute, linen, and cork for optimal comfort and sustainability. Additionally, you should seek to choose styles and colors you can freely wear even when you’re away from the beach shopping at boutiques and specialty stores, as destinations like Myrtle Beach are often located near major shopping hubs.

If you still have space in your beach bag after bringing these essentials with you, consider packing items that provide additional comfort and entertainment, like a good book or a cooler for drinks and snacks. When you’re fully prepared, you get to maximize the physical and mental health benefits of a beach vacation.


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