Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventure, rejuvenating wellness, cultural charms or culinary delights, Nord Vaudois in the Swiss canton of Vaud promises the perfect European escape. Just a six-hour flight from Dubai to Geneva, this idyllic region is the ultimate holiday destination from the GCC, promising lush scenery, fresh air, and an array of experiences to suit all travellers. Discover five of the best ways to explore Nord Vaudois in Switzerland this season.

For a rejuvenating wellness retreat 

With revitalising thermal springs found across the country, the Swiss have perfected soaking to an art form. In Nord Vaudois, the spa town of Yverdon-les-Bainshas been a magnet for pampering, wellness and relaxation since the Roman times. Today, Yverdon-les-Bains thermal spa welcomes guests to soak in the region’s sulphurous springs in a choice of four swimming pools, with temperatures of a soothing 28°C in summer. The spa centre also boasts Jacuzzis, hammams, bubble baths and massage jets for the ultimate in aquatic relaxation. Soak the day away before bedding down in the Grand Hotel des Bains next door, a four-star hotel with Belle Epoque charm and Wes Anderson-style pops of colour.

For a holiday high in the alps 

Feel the hills come alive on a holiday high among the Jura mountain range in Les Rasses. A 1 hour 20 minute-drive north of Geneva, this ski resort town takes on a different persona in summer, with lush green expanses and the freshest mountain air. Spend your days rambling and cycling over emerald-green meadows, or shopping for collectible music boxes, which were first invented in Geneva by Swiss watchmaker Antoine Favre in 1796. Boasting panoramic valley views, the Grand Hotel des Rasses is the perfect place to retire after a day spent exploring the great outdoors.

For hiking and dairy delights 

Fanning out north of Lake Geneva, the Park Jura region is crisscrossed with 523-kilometres of hiking trails, weaving their way through postcard-perfect forests and meadows. Take in captivating views of Lake Geneva, the Alps and storybook-style chalets as you traverse the mountain trails. When it comes time to refuel, stop in at one of the stone-walled alpine chalets serving Swiss delicacies, including Gruyère AOP, the nutty cow’s milk cheese the region is famed for.

For timeless cultural charms 

Channel your inner royal with a visit to Castle of Grandson, overlooking picturesque Lake Neuchâtel. Dating back thousands of years, this medieval fortress offers a fascinating snapshot into European history, having played a pivotal role in the Burgundy Wars and the Battle of Grandson (1476). Find out more about the history of the Castle and Switzerland via a guided tour.

For a gastronomic getaway 

Immerse yourself in the rich culinary landscape of Nord Vaudois, home to distinct gastronomic experiences. The region is renowned for its terroir-driven produce, truffle, spanning freshwater fish, swiss cheeses, cured meats, honey and more. Don’t miss the chance to savour fresh perch fillets, caught in Vaud’s pristine lakes and then served on the al fresco terraces overlooking the water. On the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, book a table at Restaurant du Cercle de la Voile, a seasonal restaurant open only in the summer months, serving freshly caught fish and other local delicacies in a breathtaking open-air setting.

About the region of Vaud (Lake Geneva region), Switzerland 

Located in the southwestern part of Switzerland in the French-speaking region between Lake Geneva and Lake Neuchâtel, the canton of Vaud is a dream vacation destination. The region is served by Geneva international airport, which is a short 40-minute train ride away from Lausanne. The region boasts world-class infrastructure including luxurious and affordable accommodation and a well-connected transportation system. The region features beautiful towns such as Lausanne, the Olympic Capital and Montreux Riviera, all steeped in centuries of history and culture. It has influenced and inspired many artists over the years from Lord Byron, Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin to David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. Vaud region is best known for its art of living, local and internationally renowned events, outdoor sports activities, world-class gastronomy, traditions, and culture.

For more news about the canton of Vaud, visit the www.myvaud.ch/en/Z5192/media-corner 


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