Vondom unveils Milos by Jean-Marie Massaud

Vondom has launched Milos, an outdoor furniture collection brought to life by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud.  

Characterised by soft curves, the new Vondom collection focuses on comfort as it explores how simplicity and functionality can be combined to create elegant furniture pieces. 

The designer sought to nod to the identity of the brand, which was born between the sea and mountains in València. The various pieces in the collection are reminiscent of an array of rocks, gently shaped by winds and waves that create a typical Mediterranean landscape.

Versatile by nature not only of its design but of its wide array of pieces – including chairs, coffee tables, sun loungers and sofas – Milos is suitable for a range of hospitality design settings.  

“Milos is an informal collection,” comments the designer. “It’s about both business and comfort. It creates a place to be at ease.”

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