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Revered by artists, architects and designers the world over for centuries, marble is one of the oldest natural materials. Used for everything, from contemporary sculpture to classical monuments, through to buildings and bathrooms,  its trademark veining, soft colour tones and the way it subtly plays with light give it a unique, timeless quality. It can elevate a design from the everyday to luxury, and whilst a natural choice for making a style-statement in kitchens and bathrooms, many design professionals find it is no longer practical for modern living. Although hard-wearing, the porous nature of marble means it can easily stain and allow bad odours to build up. As a surface material it is also heavy and brittle and can easily become scratched or chipped.

Carrara Trascenda by TREND surface in a bathroom imitates the natural tone and texture of carrara marble

Image credit: TREND Group

Constantly pursuing design solutions, TREND has created a tough surface material that overcomes these problems and echoes the visual qualities of traditional marble, making it ideal for use on walls, floors and a whole host of heavy-use areas such as kitchen worktops, waterfall ends, bath and shower panels. Recreating the seamless look of classic marble patterns, Trascenda incorporates the distinctive veining and subtle hues so beloved by designers seeking to add that extra touch of luxury.

Calacatta backsplash in a kitchen with wooden cupboards made from Trascenda by TREND Group

Image credit: TREND Group

The secret lies in the new technology that allows TREND to permanently embed a pattern into stone with a combination of heat and pressure. Using only organic, water-based dyes and recyclable materials, the result is not only a visually stunning one but is a sustainable option too. In addition to marble, almost any pattern can be created including wood and concrete as the material can be customised to order.

Statuario surface from TREND Group

Image credit: TREND Group

Like all etherium By E-Stone surfaces, Trascenda is light weight, completely non-porous, heat, stain, impact and scratch resistant and also benefits from Microban anti-bacterial technology built in for life.

Available in seven different colours and patterns, ranging from classic Carrara with its greyish-white ground and feathery veining, Statuario with its distinctive flowing rivers, through to the majestic Calacatta with its more dramatic veins and golden undertones, Trascenda truly transcends even its natural counterpart.

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Main image credit: TREND Group

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