This Valentine’s Day, multi award winning indie burger joint SLAW, is letting guests trade beef with their ex for some actual beef! The homegrown concept is inviting scorned lovers to prove they have been dumped to get a cheeseburger on the house. Finally, your ex is good for something!

SLAW’s Classic Cheeseburger will help you forget about your ex, as you fall in love with the best cheeseburger in town. A drool worthy Angus beef patty, smothered with naughty Oh LaLa Sauce, gooey American cheese, finished with dill pickles, and cushioned between two pillowy potato buns.

So whilst your bestie might be lovey dovey this Cupid’s holiday, if you’ve got a broken heart, fish out that crumpled pic of your ex, stuffed animal, piece of clothing, or show that break up WhatsApp to claim your prize. If you are lucky enough to see chef Ali Yazdi, he will be on hand to decapitate any items with his iconic burger knife – for healing purposes obviously!

SLAW founder and chef, Ali Yazdi commented, “We all know how hard this holiday can be when you are suffering from a broken heart, but we hope that guests who partake in this activity will finally get closure, and if not, at least they will be out of the house with other singletons and enjoying a burger on me!”

Promotion is available to the first 50 customers in each of the SLAW branches (Hessa Street & Jumeirah), one free Classic Cheeseburger per person, on Tuesday 14th February, 11am to 5pm.

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