What took you to Todos Santos, and why did you choose it to open your first guesthouse?

I was working in Oaxaca and Mexico City, I came down to visit a friend and to surf and ended up falling in love with Todos Santos. After realizing it was right between Vancouver and Mexico City, I decided it was not a bad place to spend half the year. I fell in love with Casa Melina the day that I set eyes on her. She was in ruins, abandoned for 30 years, and had many stories to tell. I camped on the ruins for two months, during which I re-imagined the space and decided to turn it into an inspiring project. We have little heritage in this part of Mexico, and we have to preserve it at all costs.

Casa Melina is a historical house in the heart of Todos Santos. What makes it so special?

Casa Melina is not just a historic house, it speaks of the past, but it also speaks to the future. It is a guesthouse, cultural space, and residence space for artists, musicians, and chefs.

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