St. Regis La Bahia Blanca Resort Tamuda Bay Morocco

Picture a destination where immaculate golden beaches converge with a storied past, where the allure of Morocco harmoniously intertwines with the enduring legacy of Andalusian culture, all while enveloped in world-class luxury. St. Regis La Bahia Blanca Resort Tamuda Bay Morocco is more than just a resort; it’s an immersive encounter that beckons you to embark on a journey, enjoying Morocco’s enchanting beauty and captivating culture.

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey to know more about the splendor of this extraordinary resort. Every moment spent here is a tribute to luxury, and every intricate detail pays homage to the vibrant spirit of Morocco. Indulge yourself in a realm of luxury, savor exquisite culinary experiences, and embrace a legacy of unparalleled service. Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic escape, planning a fairytale wedding, or organizing a corporate event, St. Regis La Bahia Blanca Resort Tamuda Bay Morocco offers an idyllic setting to fulfill every desire.

St. Regis La Bahia Blanca Resort Tamuda Bay Morocco

A Close Glimpse Into Moroccan Elegance in Tamuda Bay

Enter the enchanting world of St. Regis La Bahia Blanca Resort Tamuda Bay Morocco, where the captivating allure of Moroccan elegance awaits. This secluded riad, a traditional Moroccan dwelling, embraces guests with its intimate courtyards and verdant gardens.

A tribute to the rich Andalusian heritage of the region, this architectural masterpiece seamlessly weaves together white facades, coastal vistas, and intricate local artistry. Experience a harmonious fusion of design that transports you to refined beauty.

St. Regis La Bahia Blanca Resort Tamuda Bay Morocco

Luxury Accommodations with a Mediterranean View

The resort boasts 83 guestrooms and 17 suites, each featuring a private balcony overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Whether the cozy 32-square-meter guestrooms or the opulent 1,800-square-foot Presidential Suite, every space is meticulously designed and carefully curated.

Guests can indulge in the renowned St. Regis Butler Service, ensuring personalized offerings and impeccable service at every moment.

Culinary Delights from the Mediterranean

Satisfy your culinary cravings at the resort’s exquisite dining establishments.

  • Baie Blanche Brasserie, a modern French brasserie with hints of Moroccan influence, serves a delectable seafood menu in a tranquil and inviting ambiance.
  • For breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, head to the Bahia Vista Beach Bar & Grill, the perfect spot to indulge in fresh seafood and sushi.
  • No visit would be complete without experiencing the iconic St. Regis Bar, where you can delight in timeless cocktails and the resort’s unique Moroccan-inspired twist on the classic St. Regis Bloody Mary.

Tranquility at The St. Regis Spa

Experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation at The St. Regis Spa, a mind, body, and spirit sanctuary. Indulge in five exquisitely designed treatment rooms, each paying homage to Berber women and their cherished wellness practices.

In collaboration with Sothys and marocMaroc, the spa offers a journey into the captivating world of Moroccan beauty traditions, catering to every skincare and body care need with meticulous attention to detail.

St. Regis La Bahia Blanca Resort Tamuda Bay Morocco

Unforgettable Events and Celebrations

The resort features an outstanding 5,000 square feet of luxurious event spaces, offering an exquisite venue for weddings, gatherings, and meetings. The crown jewel is undoubtedly the prestigious Astor Ballroom, renowned for its elegance and charm.

Situated amidst a captivating exterior garden with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Astor Ballroom can effortlessly accommodate receptions for up to 280 guests. This idyllic setting sets the stage for unforgettable and cherished celebrations.

Final Thoughts

As the sun sets over the Mediterranean, The St. Regis La Bahia Blanca Resort in Tamuda Bay comes alive with a nightly ritual of champagne-sabering, a signature St. Regis experience. This luxurious resort goes beyond being just a destination; it promises unforgettable moments, timeless traditions, and the epitome of luxury. The debut of St. Regis in Morocco marks a significant milestone, and St. Regis La Bahia Blanca Resort Tamuda Bay Morocco is poised to become the country’s most iconic address. So, when you plan your next escape or event, consider immersing yourself in the captivating spirit of Morocco at this extraordinary oasis of elegance, culture, and hospitality.

The St. Regis La Bahia Blanca Resort, Tamuda Bay

Address: 267 Route Fnideq Restinga, Fnideq 93200, Morocco

Phone: +212 5396-66060

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