Souvenirs From Alma at Six Senses Ibiza


Vishen Lakhiani Malaysian entrepreneur, CEO of Mindvalley, author, and motivational speaker, hosted his 6 Phase Meditation practice and methodology, which is a radical re-envisioning of meditation for modern life. The festival also hosted talks by industry leaders such as Dave Asprey, the “father of biohacking,” and Michael Acton Smith, Co-Founder of Calm.

Alma hosted workshops and an Ayurvedic dinner by wellbeing expert Jasmine Hemsley, a holistic workout session with Sanctum, rooftop yoga conducted by James De Maria, and transformative workouts with The Class founder Taryn Toomey. There was a psychedelic breathwork session, Tantra, sex education with Emma Louis Boynton and Chloe Macintosh, kundalini activation, fire and smoke purification rituals, and a number of sound healings.

Taking the concept of wellness further, actor and activist Lily Cole gave a talk on the Future of Fashion and the impact of our everyday choices on our planet’s health.


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