SoftBank Robotics supporting hotel staff at the new flagship 4* luxury hotel, Pullman Paris Montparnasse, to improve guest experience in the hotel industry

SoftBank Robotics has announced a collaboration with The Pullman’s new flagship 4* luxury hotel in Paris, The Pullman Paris Montparnasse, to implement their autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner, Whiz, as part of its’ brand new renovation project.

With 957 guest rooms and a staggering 7000 square metres of event and convention space, vacuuming was not only time-consuming for the hotel, but very staff intensive. The hotel aims to deliver exceptional guest experience, so that every guest staying in its rooms feels unique and special.

The hotel was looking for a solution to cut down the time staff spent on vacuuming, without compromising cleanliness, so that staff could focus on more important tasks to improve guest experience.

The SoftBank Robotics vacuum cleaner, Whiz, was a great fit for the hotel as it could autonomously vacuum the corridors and events spaces to a high standard of cleanliness, enabling the staff to focus their time on more important tasks.

Benjamin Lisbonis, Director of Rooms at the hotel, shared his belief in the importance of equipping staff with the latest technology to improve their work experience and their ability to prioritize tasks to improve the guest experience.  He says, “Innovation is a pillar of the hotel and will be key to success in the future of hospitality. We must keep in mind that digitalisation is not only for the guests. Our staff are part of a new generation who are looking for a new culture and way of working. We have to provide them with robots and digital tools to improve their experience.”

Lisa Limon, Executive Housekeeper at the Pullman Paris Montparnasse, notes that the staff are really happy working with Whiz and can see the benefit that it’s bringing to their day to day operations, allowing them to spend more time with guests.

“So far we’ve used Whiz for 855 hours, vacuuming 268,000 square metres which is really helping us to improve our cleaning efficiency and is enabling our staff to concentrate on more important tasks.

An idea that started about efficiency and cleaning has ended with a team very happy to use robots and with staff spending more time focussing on the guests.”

See how Whiz transformed the experience at the Pullman here:  Whiz, Pullman Paris Montparnasse hotel Case Study Page (

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