Singita and Thebe Magugu: Fusion of High Design and Heritage in New Creative Collaboration


Thebe Magugu’s exquisite heritage-inspired dresses in collaboration with Singita.

In a captivating partnership, Singita and the globally acclaimed designer Thebe Magugu embark on a collaborative journey, unveiling a collection of nine exceptional high-design pieces that pay homage to Africa’s vibrant heritage. These creations beautifully merge modern aesthetics with traditional narratives, embodying the essence of Mother and Child illustrations by the talented artist Phathu Nembilwi.

Thebe Magugu’s meteoric rise in the fashion world was underscored by his coveted LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize in 2019, followed by his distinction as a finalist in the esteemed 2021 International Woolmark Prize. The allure of his intricate designs is now extended to Singita’s lodges in South Africa, where his exquisite dresses are available for purchase in the Boutique & Gallery space.

This collaboration seamlessly extends the legacy of Singita, known for its harmonious blend of luxury and conservation efforts. It aligns perfectly with Singita’s dedication to preserving Africa’s treasures, be it its wilderness or its cultural narratives.

The ‘Heritage Series’ unveiled through this collaboration is an ode to the intricate diversity of African cultures. Comprising nine dresses, each artfully depicts the mother and child bond unique to nine prominent tribes: Va Tsonga, Ndebele, Vha Venda, Zulu, Basotho, BaPedi, Xhosa, Tswana, and Swati. The creative genius of Thebe Magugu merges with the illustrative talent of Phathu Nembilwi to encapsulate the essence of these tribes, capturing their age-old customs and the profound love of motherhood.

Thebe Magugu’s inspiration for the ‘Heritage Series’ springs from a personal connection: “Seeing the women in my family have to carry children on their back and supplies on their head always reminded me of Afro totem poles; a showcase of utter physical and symbolic strength, and I wanted to pay homage to this memory.”

Thebe Magugu, born in South Africa, has emerged as a rising star on the global fashion horizon. His work magnificently brings the contemporary African narrative to the forefront, seamlessly blending heritage with modernity. Through his namesake label, he has unveiled eleven solo collections since 2017 and collaborated with prominent names like Dior, Adidas, and AZ Factory.

This partnership resonates deeply with Singita’s century-old commitment to preserving Africa’s most precious resources. It converges the legacy of Singita’s conservation mission with Thebe Magugu’s celebration of heritage stories and African cultures. The fusion of Singita’s contemporary design ethos with Thebe Magugu’s fashion artistry is evident not only in the lodges’ architecture and design but also in the culinary experiences and wellness offerings rooted in traditional practices.

The collaboration between Singita and Thebe Magugu is a tribute to the intersection of luxury, conservation, and cultural appreciation. Through this unique endeavor, they uplift and celebrate the intricate tapestry of Africa’s past and present.


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