Roca launches Catalan architecture-inspired collection


Roca has announced the launch of Tura, its newest collection created in collaboration with Catalan designer Andreu Carulla.

Tura, whose name stems from the endings of the Spanish words ‘arquitectura’ and ‘cultura’, draws inspiration from the architectural heritage of 20th century Barcelona.

“I always wanted to work with Roca because it makes incredibly high-quality products,” says Carulla, who shares a hometown with Roca. “In addition, the use of ceramics and the fact that we’re from the same place made it a perfect match. Later, I discovered we also spoke the same design language.”

Roca Tura Bathroom

The designer drew inspiration for Tura from various architectural sources, including the elegant curves of Antonio Bonet’s Modernist house, La Ricarda; the geometric shapes of José Antonio Coderch’s Casa Ugalde; and the rationalist design approach of Josep Lluís Sert in creating the Joan Miró Foundation museum. The influence of these sources is evident in the shape of the Tura washbasins, which combine square and rectilinear lines with soft edges and subtle curves.

The Tura washbasins feature a sleek hidden drain, marking a departure from the conventional circular drain by seamlessly integrating it into the ceramic basin, resulting in a smooth and uninterrupted surface.

Tura also includes some of Roca’s latest technological innovations. For example, the WC features the Roca Rimless Vortex system, which creates a 360-degree cascade, guaranteeing a stronger and more effective water flow, thoroughly cleaning the entire surface of the bowl. The collection also offers the option to choose a Supraglaze finish on the ceramics, making it more difficult for dirt to stick to the surface.

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