Every year, around 238,000 people move to France from another country every year to start afresh. This is no surprise when you consider the incredible things that the country has to offer.

We believe that if you are considering relocating abroad, France should be one of your top choices. Regardless of your background and origins, you will have an enriching and life-changing experience when you pack your bags and move to this Western European country.

Below, we’ve covered six important reasons to consider relocating to France.

Relocate to France

Great Healthcare System

France has a world-renowned healthcare system that is accessible to citizens and expatriates. Although you will need health insurance in France as an ex-pat until you successfully obtain citizenship in the country, investing in a basic policy will allow you to access local hospitals and primary care facilities when you relocate.

You can guarantee that the medical care within your local area will be top-quality, your nearby medical facilities will be modern, and the treatments available to you will be the latest and greatest. The country emphasizes health and well-being and focuses on providing the best healthcare possible to support its citizens and ex-pats.

The healthcare training courses available in the country are also highly praised. With good-quality teaching and well-recognized qualifications available to those in France, the healthcare professionals working in hospitals and community practices are highly knowledgeable and passionate about providing the best care for patients.

Cultural Richness

France is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world. Its citizens are proud of their heritage and celebrate their country in all its glory.

France has gorgeous scenery and unique architecture that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Its iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Palace of Versailles, add to its charm and uniqueness.

The culture in France combines history, art, and literature in the perfect proportions. You can explore the country’s heritage whilst also appreciating its ability to adapt to the modern world. Although it is a developed country, it has managed to maintain its historic feel.

The Louvre Museum in Paris is the world’s largest art museum and is home to thousands of works of art, including the Mona Lisa. There are also hundreds of cute and culturally rich Parisian cafes to explore when you’re in France.

Outside of the capital city, the areas of Provence and Normandy enable you to appreciate history with its medieval architecture. Cities like Lyon and Strasbourg combine both historical and modern components, making them ideal areas for people with all kinds of preferences.

Literature and the Arts

Paris attracts many aspiring writers and poets due to its inspiring atmosphere. It boasts a wide range of quirky cafes, bookstores, and libraries that provide the perfect areas for putting on your creative hat and exploring your literary passions.

If festivals and music are more your thing, you won’t be disappointed with everything that France has to offer. Each year, several festivals are held within the country, ranging from cultural events to large music festivals. To name just a few of the most popular events in the country, you can attend The Avignon Theatre Festival, Bastille Day celebrations, and the Cannes Film Festival.

Diversity in Available Locations

When you relocate to France, you can choose to either move to a busy city and live a fast-paced life amongst the millions of other people doing the same. Alternatively, you can choose a more peaceful and serene town or village that enables you to relax and breathe fresh air.

Regardless of the kind of area you’re hoping to live in, you won’t struggle to find the perfect location in France. Make sure you do lots of research to explore all of your available options and discover the most suitable city, town, or village for your needs and preferences.

High Quality of Life

France consistently scores highly in global quality of life rankings. Due to its top-rate healthcare system, state-of-the-art education facilities, and emphasis on a healthy work-life balance, the quality of life in France is top-notch.

Whether you’re relocating to the country for work, study, or retirement, you can feel confident that you will enjoy your time living as an ex-pat. You will be able to access everything you need for a comfortable and satisfying life abroad.

Easy Access to Other Countries

If you’re moving from a more isolated country, such as the United States or Australia, the ease of transport from France to other countries will feel like a luxury to you. Due to its close proximity to other European countries and the UK, you can travel to a completely different country within a couple of hours. This makes France the perfect place to relocate if you’re a keen traveler.

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