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It has been a busy year for the team at Newmor, having launched no less than five new stocked collections, recoloured an old favourite and added new design chapters to its digital design portfolio.

wooden treen inspired wallcovering behind a restaurant table and wooden chairs with white minimalist lighting above the table

Image credit: Newmor

“Each year, we launch our trend predictions in January which provide a clear focus for our new product designs,” explained Campbell. “The collections launched during 2023 really showcase our skills base. We have incorporated intricate textures, subtle metallics and introduced ultra matt finishes to provide designers with the choice they need to create beautiful interiors. All designs are made and stocked in our own facility in mid-Wales, so it’s easy to rescale and recolour to suite their project.”

There is a quiet luxury to Newmor’s new designs, their understated elegance, timeless appeal, and high-quality materials deliver a new level of refinement to create enduring and liveable commercial spaces. In May, Newmor updated the colour palette of their popular Lyon collection and launched two new stocked collections, Meadow and Carrara, which encapsulated the moody ambience of their Dark Matter trend whilst capturing the essence of biophilic design.

bathroom with patterned Newmor wallpaper and bedroom through black glass doors

Image credit: Newmor

In autumn 2023, Newmor introduced three further stocked collections: Oxford, Piazza, and Raffia, with the inspiration coming from what it is best known for – skilled craftsmanship.  “We wanted to celebrate the craftsmanship in all fields, whether its architecture, weaving, sculpting, tailoring, and manufacturing, so we also added new designs to our digital design portfolio with the introduction of the Industrialis collection,” continued Campbell.

lounge setting with cream modular seating in front of wallcovering in natural colours featuring oversized cogs and wheels

Image credit: Newmor

One of the standout moments this year was the launch of Newmor’s Digital Design Studio. For the first time, it collated the digital design collections and designer collaborations in one easy to use compendium. “Being responsive to our clients’ changing needs sits at the heart of our business,” commented  David Johnston, Managing Director at Newmor, on discussing the digital design studio. “As well as investing in our traditional skills base, we have significantly advanced our capability using new digital technology. But until now, we hadn’t showcased the breath of designs we have. It has been wonderful to see the immense body of work created by our design studio and the designers we collaborate with.”

decorative wallcovering from Newmor on a panel in restaurant in Hotel Puro

Image credit: Newmor

The company’s digital design capability can be seen across sectors. Whether it’s a hotel lobby, meeting room, guestroom, restaurant or office space, Newmor has covered the world with their stunning designs, making it clear that it is a UK brand that is on track to fulfill its mission to celebrate pattern and design globally.

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Main image credit: Newmor

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