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The Jacqueline Collection, which premiered at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April 2023, is the perfect synthesis of Gessi’s unique and personalised approach to wellness. Just as in the history of fashion, figures have become icons to the point of naming clothes and accessories, which encapsulate in their name alone all the characteristics that distinguish them, in the same way Gessi wants to enhance its own path toward the highest tailoring by creating an innovative and unprecedented collection, a true jewel of the highest quality.

Gessi bamboo Jacqueline bathroom tap with brassware against patterned wall

Image credit: Gessi

Just as the products that have become iconic and encapsulate the highest expression of a brand or personality from which they are inspired, so Jacqueline succeeds in becoming the element that can give that well-being that only haute couture creations can offer, because they are built around the person who wears them. Therefore, a collection that is beautiful, precious, with personality but at the same time comfortable and natural, which allows the creation of unique and fascinating environments, thanks to the choice of using a material present in nature but never before applied in bathroom furniture: bamboo.

Gessi bamboo tap in silhouette

Image credit: Gessi

Always attentive to the suggestions offered by the world of nature, in the creation of this collection, the in-house design studio wanted to choose a natural element that, on the one hand, would allow for iconic shapes and, on the other hand, could be combined with and complement the modular and unique metalwork, the company’s core business, the result of the work of Gessi’s craftsmen and artisans of excellence. It is the natural curvature of bamboo that guides the hand: each piece is different from the next, the outcome of a complex path that allows a natural material to be brought to a functional use and not just an aesthetic one. The final result combines high-level craftsmanship and manufacture in a unique and exclusive product.

brassware detail in gessi taps and faucets

Image credit: Gessi

Inspired for its lines by nature, and in particular by the infinite forms of water, Gessi has chosen to work with the hollow roots of bamboo for this collection: the roots are selected one by one, by diameter and pitch between the knots, in order to adapt them with the utmost naturalness to the creation of mixers and furnishing accessories that make the bathroom and one’s wellness space an oasis of well- being and harmony.

Every accessory, every water dispenser in the collection is handcrafted and its making and finishing process involves all the know-how Gessi has achieved in thirty years of experience: all the skills and specialisations are activated for each element, turning Jacqueline into a jewel-collection.

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Main image credit: Gessi

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