PDIR: Four essential cleaning functions


PDIR is a 4-step cleaning concept that Kärcher has developed for efficient
and cost-saving building cleaning cleaning.

Our PDIR cleaning concept – the basis for a well-kept
appearance. The 4 successive cleaning cycles and our comprehensive range of equipment, cleaning agents, accessories and service offers provide you with the perfect basis for impeccably clean rooms, value retention, satisfied guests and employees.

A regular and efficient cleaning routine is of great importance, especially in the hotel and catering industry. It is even indispensable. This applies to the exterior and interior, also to the rooms and corridors.

The acronym “PDIR” is based on the first letters of the following cleaning functions:

PREVENTATIVE cleaning: Keeping outside areas spotless

Dirt gets enters the building through the entrances
through the shoes of staff, suppliers and guests, through suitcases, trolleys and transport trolleys. Regular sweeping of the areas reduces the amount of dirt significantly. Clean zones with suitable floor mats mats additionally minimise it.

DAILY maintenance cleaning: For hygiene and a squeaky clean image

Whenever and wherever it is is necessary: The prompt removal of dirt dirt from floors and surfaces helps to prevent permanent damage and stop the further spread of dirt. This reduces the overall cleaning effort and and ensures visible, pleasant cleanliness.

INTERIM cleaning: Using the right methods to do away with downtimes

When daily cleaning is no longer enough it is time for a more intensive and and at the same time resource-saving process. In this way, surfaces and floors regain their original cleaning properties, the loss of value is prevented and less resource-intensive basic cleaning programmes are needed.

RESTORATIVE cleaning: Deep cleaning, restoring the original condition

The value-preserving basic cleaning. To bring floors and surfaces as close as possible to their as possible to their original condition, a restorative cleaning procedure is due if necessary. The right cleaning systems from Kärcher’s suitable cleaning systems help with the most efficient and resource-saving implementation.

We will be happy to support you with the appropriate instruction, advice and training to implement the PDIR cleaning concept cleaning concept permanently and successfully in your hotel.


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