What main differences do you see in hospitality today compared to when you started?

When I started, I watched hospitality legends like Ian Schrager, Andre Balazs, and Alex Calderwood redefine the idea of lifestyle hospitality and the integration of culture into each one of their properties. Each hotel was inspired by something more intangible than the built experience itself. Today, we see different brands and groups trying to templatize this ‘lifestyle’ experience to accelerate growth globally, though the verdict is still out on long-term sustainability and hyperlocal relevancy. With that said, it’s an extremely fun time to be in hospitality, and there are so many innovators moving into the field, taking the industries in new directions and to new heights.  

In which ways is technology helping you do your magic? 

We are a deeply collaborative company, and technology plays a fundamental role in that. We typically handle all day-to-day projects, development, and construction management in-house at BLVD. The strides taken in rendering technologies, global access to design software, and even newer technologies like AI Image Generators allow us to see, and in some cases even feel, the built experience prior to swinging a hammer. 

With the world at our fingertips with smartphones and all, how can a concierge stay relevant?

Live it. True passion is visceral and visible. Lovers of hospitality know the difference between a script and authenticity, and no amount of technology can fake that. 


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