Mondrian Hong Kong puts community-first approach into practice, welcoming single-parent families as VIP guests

Hotel executives gathered in Hong Kong this week to celebrate the official opening of Mondrian Hong Kong on December 18th.

Towering 40 floors with 324 rooms including 12 two-bay suites, the hotel features state-of-the-art wellness facilities, a nose-to-tail Italian steakhouse by Dario Cecchini, a sophisticated bar with handcrafted cocktails and a rooftop space for cultural collaborations.

Located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Tsim Sha Tsui, the hotel features elements inspired by Hong Kong’s rich history including art and installations from local and international artists and performances by local artists.

“Mondrian is a brand that takes its inspiration from people, and their stories,” said Ennismore Co-CEO, Gaurav Bhushan.

“It is through collaboration with local and international artists, designers, and chefs that we create experiences for global travellers that are rich in culture and surprises.

“Yet the brilliance of the Mondrian brand is in its allure as a destination for locals as well as travellers. This is where the power of lifestyle hospitality lies – the ability to invite an energizing mix of the community and world beyond – celebrating the local roots of the destination while allowing an infusion of global ideas to inform further and enrich the hotel experience.”

Owned by Peterson Group, the property has undergone a major renovation prior to opening.

“I am very proud that after two years of extensive transformation in partnership with Mondrian, we can now reveal and launch Mondrian Hong Kong, a captivating luxury lifestyle brand that seamlessly combines the next generation of hospitality with an unwavering dedication to social responsibility,” said Peterson Group CEO, Tony Yeung.

“Against the backdrop of Victoria Harbor, Mondrian aims to redefine the vibrant cityscape of Hong Kong by curating an unparalleled dining and bar experience, infusing the local scene with a vibrant energy that will imprint a lasting memory for our guests.”

Committed to giving back, Mondrian Hong Kong has partnered with locals NGOs to offer single parent families complimentary one-night accommodation including breakfast and dinner at the restaurants, along with a Peterson Group gift bag.

“Our vision is the hotel as a progressive and imaginative community, a place to connect, have fun, be challenged, experiment, and come away inspired,” said Mondrian Hong Kong General Manager Dirk Dalichau.

“It’s a chance to make a positive impact, position Mondrian as a brand that takes its responsibilities to the community seriously, help those who need it most, support local talents, and inspire future collaborations that can have a lasting impact.”

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