Maison&Objet unveils January 2024 Hospitality Lab

Maison&Objet has announced that its Hospitality Lab will make a return in January 2024.  

Visitors will be able to explore the show’s theme, Tech Eden, through a selection of installations and talks. 

The show’s Trend Forum, orchestrated by Peclers Paris, immerses guests in the hospitality of the future through three escape capsules, depicting innovative hybridised hospitality venues – “a unique and fully experiential space”, says Mélanie Leroy, Managing Director of Safi. 

“We also wanted to give carte blanche to studio Rev, the firm that won the Paris Shop & Design 2023 prize, to provide us with another creative version of hospitality,” continues Leroy. Hence the studio will present a multi-functional socialising experience, halfway between the physical and the virtual. 

Mathieu Lehanneur will bring to life his Outonomy project in the Hospitality Lab, an outdoor-inspired installation in line with the event’s Tech Eden theme. The designer, who has been named Designer of the Year by Maison&Objet, has created a space that points to the future of hospitality. “Far from nostalgia or an attempt to retrace our steps, Outonomy attempts to answer the question: what do I really need?” says the designer, whose installation “rethinks the way we live and interact with our environment”. 

Designers, hoteliers and restaurateurs will also be able to discover new talent and brands in the Forever, Signature, Today, Unique&Ecletic and Projects sectors of the show. Maison&Objet’s decor and furniture offer includes brands such as Pedrali, Drucker, Mario Cioni & C, 101 Copenhagen, Mobje and Polspotten. 

In the Object section, visitors will find a unique range of lighting fixtures, small furnishings, cushions and decorative objects, while the Cook&Share sector will showcase brands including ASA Selection, Libeco Home, Le Jacquard Français, Costa Nova and Molleni. 

The January programme also includes talks hosted by industry experts, who will shed fresh light on the latest developments in the hotel industry. Speakers will include Martin Brudnizki, on the art of hybridisation; Elodie Noël (Accor) in conversation with Sophie Thuillier and Cristiano Benzon (Rev) on the local and global in the hotel industry; and Thierry Gaugain & Patrick Jouin on new generation yachting. 

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase of over 15% in the number of architects visiting the show, with 55% of them claiming to be working on hospitality-related projects,” concludes Mélanie Leroy. “This is a significant trend, reflecting a market dynamic that we wanted to analyse by creating the Hospitality Lab.” 

Photography: © Felipe Ribon

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