Travel can be life-changing and give you new experiences that you cherish for the rest of your life. There are many benefits to any kind of travel, but it is not always a fun experience filled with endless opportunities for meeting new people and immersing yourself in new cultures. Travel, inevitably, involves a lot of long-distance journeys, whether this is a long train route, a bus ride, a flight, or a car journey. There is only so much looking out the window that you can do when you have a multi-hour trip, so what are some of the best ways to stay occupied and entertained on a long journey? Here are a few ideas that should make those long trips more bearable.

Long Journeys

Research Your Destination

One of the best uses of your time on a long journey is to research your destination. It is always helpful to learn as much as you can about a destination before arriving so that you can prepare yourself, discover the best places to visit (and avoid), and learn local customs and etiquette. You do not want to go to a new destination and not know anything about it or where to go, so long journeys are ideal for brushing up on your knowledge to make the most out of your destination.


Long journeys are also an ideal time to fill in your travel journal. Anyone that has traveled before will tell you how beneficial it is to journal your experiences – this ensures that you can cement your experiences for life. It is always enjoyable to look back through these travel journals over the years so that you can relive your experiences  – even the small details will bring a smile to your face!


Reading is another activity that can keep you occupied during a long journey. Immersing yourself in a good book can help to pass the time without having to look at a screen. You may have your own books to enjoy, but there are also many iconic travel and backpacking novels to enjoy that could heighten your experience and serve as inspiration.

Mobile Games

One of the best ways to keep yourself occupied and have some fun on a long journey is mobile gaming. There are so many genres to try, with popular options being puzzles (like Wordle and Sudoku), battle royale games, shooting games, and even casino games. Playing blackjack, roulette, poker, or slot games on your phone, tablet, or laptop will provide you with plenty of entertainment and help the journey to fly by.

You can play all kinds of casino games online at trusted and licensed online casinos, which will give you the best and most secure gaming experience – which is important since real money is involved. The best casinos will also have engaging audio and visuals to keep you entertained and dozens of variations of popular games, so it is never too hard to find something that will help to pass the time on a long journey.


These days, podcasts are a great option for a long journey and could be a good option if you have to drive. There are many excellent travel podcasts worth checking out, and you may be able to find episodes or series for your specific destination. There are also many popular podcasts across all genres, so it should not be too challenging to find something that will pique your interest, whether this is a fictional series, comedy podcast, discussion with a celebrity, or a self-improvement podcast.


Of course, music is a great option for any long journey. Music and travel go hand-in-hand, and you will find that the music that you listen to becomes a soundtrack to your experience – this music will then always bring back memories when you listen to it over the years. You could create your own playlists, listen to classic albums in full or try to find your new favorite bands – just make sure that you do not disturb any other travelers!


If you are feeling social, a long journey can also be a good opportunity to have some quality conversations with people. This could be the people that you are traveling with, but you should not shy away from striking up a conversation with a stranger (if they seem open to it!). Part of the joy of travel is meeting people from different parts of the world and with other ideas and experiences to your own. These conversations can stay with you for life, and you might even find that you have made a new friend who can show you around once you get to your destination!

These are just a few of your options for ways to stay occupied on a long journey. Travel can be life-enriching, but long trips can take their toll, and there is only so much staring out the window that you can do. Many of these activities could enhance your experience and give you memories that you cherish as much as exploring your destination.

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