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With a robust presence spanning over 400 square metres, LedsC4 took to the stage in Frankfurt, showcasing a range of its stand-out Architectural Indoor and Outdoor collections alongside select offerings from its Decorative Collection. The stand, dressed in earth tones, exudes serenity, reflecting Serra’s inspiration from the concept of ‘light for better living’, a cornerstone of LedsC4’s ethos.

LedsC4 stand at lighting trade show in Frankfurt

Image credit: LedsC4

Using a palette of three earthy hues, the stand’s layout divided into three distinct zones mirroring the brand’s offerings: Decorative in terracotta, Architectural Indoor in white and Architectural Outdoor in green.

As with last year’s Euroluce stand, also crafted by Barcelona-based interior designer Isern Serra, the formal proposal for the Light & Building stand maintained the same use of sinuous openings combined with sleek, straight lines.

“The openings reveal the product, and the colour takes on more prominence, defining the three main areas of the project,” explained Serra. “Terracotta evokes warmth, hand-crafted quality and the Mediterranean, while white for the Technical products area symbolises technology and innovation. Lastly, dark green for the Outdoor proposals helps highlight the luminaires, evoking an evening atmosphere in a garden”.

white corner wall with openings framing lights by LedsC4

Image credit: LedsC4

Strategically positioned opposite each other, two main entrances facilitated visitor flow through the stand, inviting exploration of LedsC4’s latest offerings across the three themed environments.

Designer Serra once again found inspiration in the brand’s slogan, ‘Light for better living’. His design underscores the importance of the human element and LedsC4’s dedication to sustainability. This commitment is already evident in all its products and in the company’s operational practices.

For instance: 83.3 per cent of its collections allow for the replacement of drivers and LEDs, all featuring a 100 per cent recyclable structure; currently, all luminaires are packaged with sustainable, plastic-free materials. In addition, recycled plastic has been incorporated into some new design collections—like the Scarlett collection—and the company is striving for carbon neutrality by 2030.

LedsC4 stand at tradeshow

Image credit: LedsC4

The stand featured an intervention by Peruvian lighting designer Claudia Paz in the Architectural Indoor and Outdoor product area, providing visitors with a transformative experience to understand the significant impact of light on space perception and materials. Integration of a DMX system allows individual control of each ‘Taglio di luce’, injecting dynamism into the space and creating an area where light sequences designed by Claudia Paz come to life.

“We live in a digital world, where everything is in motion and constantly evolving,” explained Paz. “Lighting design merges with technology to move beyond the technical aspects and towards creating experiences and emotional connections with users. Where are we headed? Towards a digital world where light plays a crucial role”.

architectural lighting in white cube

Image credit: LedsC4

The section dedicated to decorative lighting, showcased collections such as Tubs Modular, Gong and Geometric, spotlighting innovations like the Tech Felt architectural sound-absorbing and lighting system: felt slats elegantly mounted on an upper metal frame, providing an appealing visual aesthetic and exceptional sound absorption.

In the Architectural Indoor area, the Supertaglio collection took centre stage: a range of profiles that opens the door to integrated lighting in walls and ceilings, enabling light to define the space through linear, wallwasher, contour or recessed lighting.

Lastly, in the Outdoor section, new designs like Taglio System, Sinia and Max were on display. Taglio System enables the creation of compositions, adding significant aesthetic value to projects and offering considerable lighting flexibility to outdoor architectural spaces. Sinia, an outdoor luminaire with a slender stem and discreet head, provides the option to add a decorative glass. During the day, it blends into the landscape like a silent sculpture with its subtle and slender profile. At night, it casts a warm glow that complements the landscape’s intent, effortlessly adapting to its surroundings.

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Main image credit: LedsC4

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