Knowland Makes Platform Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

ARLINGTON, Virginia—Knowland announced its platform is available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and will enable integration with the Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales and Event Management application. Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a repository of enterprise applications offered by Oracle and Oracle partners.

The Knowland platform enables operations and sales benefits by integrating data from the Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales and Event Management application with Knowland’s meetings and events database.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an enterprise cloud that delivers performance and security across a portfolio of services, including SaaS, application development, application hosting, and business analytics. Customers get access to computing, storage, data management, security, integration, HPC, artificial intelligence, and Blockchain services to augment their workloads.

Jeff Bzdawka, CEO, Knowland, said, “Expanding Knowland’s data-as-a-service platform with rich data sources like the Oracle OPERA Sales and Event Management application is a key focus for us to deliver increasingly valuable sales insights that fuel hotel growth and profitability. Knowland’s participation in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace further extends our commitment to the Oracle community and enables our common customers to easily reap the benefits of rich, actionable data. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud to enhance data access for the global hospitality industry.”

This collaboration will deliver sales performance to the hospitality industry in these areas:

  • Increase data volume using electronic data collection through an approved API. Enables the delivery of sales and event data from the Oracle Cloud into the Knowland database. Event information is available to supplement market data and account profiles, informing sales teams and decision-making outcomes.
  • Accelerate revenue velocity across hospitality businesses by taking advantage of the growth in meetings and events. Increase and maintain revenue base when other segments, such as business travel, are less steady.
  • Improve efficiency and sales productivity by providing access to market data. The Knowland and Oracle partnership enables customers to enroll in automated data contribution for their reporting processes and provides insights to fuel sales decisions by leveraging the two platforms together.

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