Kerten Hospitality unveils locally inspired hotel in AlUla Old Town

Kerten Hospitality has unveiled a first look at Dar Tantora The House Hotel, set to open imminently in AlUla’s Old Town. 

The property has been designed as a gateway to the area’s historic and artistic culture. Crafted from the same ancient materials and architectural techniques as the restored mud brick buildings typical of the region, Dar Tantora The House Hotel will provide an immersion into the heritage of AlUla. 

The 30-room hotel draws its name from the traditional sundial, ‘tantora’, which has historically served as a timekeeper for the local community. The tantora, instrumental in guiding farmers through the seasons, is emblematic of the hotel’s commitment to blending the ancient wisdom of the land with the comforts of modern hospitality.  

Traditional decorative elements, furniture and artworks aim to encapsulate AlUla’s rich cultural heritage, with in-room amenities designed by Madrasat Addeera, AlUla’s school dedicated to fostering artisanal skills and delivering craft programmes. 

Kerten Hospitality AlUla Hotel

“Dar Tantora The House Hotel is more than just a place to stay; it’s an invitation to experience AlUla’s vibrant history and embrace its timeless culture and heritage,” says Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality. “Our passionate team has dedicated themselves to creating an experience that captures the essence of this unique community. This project is a pivotal part of our global expansion, reflecting Kerten Hospitality’s commitment to bringing unique, culturally-rich experiences to diverse destinations around the world.” 

The hotel is set to be a flagship property for Kerten’s sustainable hospitality strategy. The hotel’s architecture, inspired by AlUla’s Old Town, preserves the aesthetic and building techniques ingrained into the region, while the property is also advancing Kerten’s sustainability mission through automated food waste and water management solutions.

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