Jeddah Historic District reveals three hotels within UNESCO World Heritage site


Jeddah Historic District has unveiled the restoration of three historic properties in Al Balad, the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. 

The properties have been transformed into heritage hotels as part of the Jeddah Historic District Program, under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture. They find home within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, named as such in 2014 to emphasise the area’s cultural value and the imperative to safeguard its legacy.

Named House of Jokhdar, Kedwan and Al Rayess, each hotel has been carefully reinvigorated with insight from historians and locals, including artists, carpenters and architects.

Jeddah Historic District Hotel

The first hotel, Beit Jokhdar, comprises nine light and airy rooms and suites, designed to provide tranquility amidst the bustle of Al Balad. The property is complete with a roof terrace that offers views of the city centre. With six suites and rooms, the second hotel Beit Al Rayess showcases striking high ceilings, bridging the gap between old and new through its design. 

Jeddah Historic District Hotel

A blend of heritage and contemporary, Beit Kedwan features two guestrooms alongside multiple living spaces, where traditional Arabian design merges with modern comfort. The hotel also offers a rooftop terrace for guest use. 

As for food and beverage, a set menu for both lunch and breakfast is served up at one centralised restaurant for all three properties. 

Jeddah Historic District Hotel

The new openings form part of a wider project to restore heritage properties, led by Al Balad Development Company. They will be followed by the launch of a further 165 rooms across 34 heritage properties by 2027.

Jeddah Historic District Program, established in 2018 under the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture, is seeking to restore the historic district of Al-Balad. The ambitious undertaking aims to transform the area into a vibrant, integrated urban and cultural centre, while carefully preserving its rich heritage and fostering economic and community prosperity.

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