Jacu Strauss reveals new themed suites at Pulitzer Amsterdam


Pulitzer Amsterdam is set to complete its Collector’s Suite series, with four new suites unveiled under the helm of Creative Director Jacu Strauss.  

A love letter to the city’s longstanding history of flowers, the Flower Collector’s Suite will open its doors in March 2024, just in time for the city’s tulip season. The two-room suite, which reimagines a 19th-century tulip-trader’s home, blends traditional Dutch designs, horticultural artwork and bespoke furniture. It comprises a spacious hallway entrance, double bedroom, an elegant walk-through bathroom, plus an extensive living space with a freshly arranged seasonal bouquet. European designer Zoe de Givenchy has also created a bespoke flower-inspired tableware collection in collaboration with the hotel. 

Pulitzer Amsterdam Suite

Situated within one of Pulitzer’s finest canal houses, historically reserved for upper-class merchants, the quintessential Merchant Suite will open in May 2024. The three-storey concept comprises a one-master-bathroom suite, two additional bedrooms, a spacious study and dining area, plus a separate kitchenette. Designed to transport guests to the peak style of the 1600s while simultaneously nodding to the country’s ambitious exploration of the globe, the suite’s design will feature an eclectic blend of old and new, with exposed beams, original windows and preserved corbels throughout.  

Pulitzer Amsterdam is also making its debut into the micro-wellness space with the launch of The Beauty House. Situated in a separate canal house moments from the main hotel, the space will have the capacity for ten guests and offer a range of beauty and wellness treatments. 

Finally, debuting this summer, The Porcelain Collector’s Suite completes the series with a journey through centuries. Inspired by the previous inhabitant’s passion for collecting, the two-room, canal-side suite pays tribute with an eclectic display of locally-sourced porcelain artistry. Marrying the contours of antique Delftware with modern interpretations of traditional porcelain, the suite features delicate tableware, artistic fine vases and unusual pottery pieces. 

Photography: © James McDonald

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