Inside FOH’s luxury hospitality solutions


Room360® by FOH offers a range of stylish guestroom and bathroom accessories, ideal for crafting a refined aesthetic in modern interiors. 

Specified by hotels and design firms worldwide, room360® offers collections designed to be mixed and matched, allowing for versatility and maximised creativity. The brand designs and manufactures all of its products from its base in the US – take a look to find out more: 

New York

Form, function, and fashion come together in this high-gloss composite collection. 


This versatile collection sees modern, vibrant hues taking centre stage.


Resin and natural stone with a textured finish offer style and durability. 

FOH Morocco Bathroom Amenities


Made from resin and natural stone, this collection is idea for creating sophisticated interiors.


High-end, durable vinyl constructed around sturdy forms. 


Bold designs available in PVD matte brass, matte black, and with an antique finish.

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