How to optimise efforts and maximise revenue

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Guest journeys not only should be smooth and friction-free for every guest but also help hotels drive real results without compromising all your staff’s time. However, often hoteliers face the challenge of mixing these two approaches.

In this session, we will explore how to create a guest journey strategy that drives revenue using the resources you have.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to map your guest journey: Understand exactly what your guests need at every step
  • Understand how to optimise touchpoints using automation and personalisation
  • Strategies to boost guest engagement: how to turn happy guests into repeat customers and brand advocates
  • How to optimise your journey to create real value for guests

Who is joining?


  • Anna Randow, Sales Director at Bookboost
  • Ulrich Pillau, CEO & Co-founder at Apaleo
  • Albert Polo, General Manager at Haws Lisboa
  • Christian Mueller, Group Manager Technology at Schani Hotels

Moderated by: Thibault Catala, Founder & Managing Director at Catala Consulting

Join a panel of experienced hoteliers and hospitality leaders as they explore this topic providing valuable insights for your property.

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