Introducing Hoof, the home-grown café founded by three Emirati friends that share a passion for horses, show jumping and specialty coffee. Originating from Sharjah, the aesthetic café with neutral hues offers top-notch breakfast, pastries, and lunch bites paired with superior coffee beans sourced from thirteen countries and roasted by Archers to produce the perfect cup! Tied with an equestrian theme, the café is a wholesome experience from start to finish.

The idea behind Hoof was to create an immersive, local hub for all coffee lovers to gather with friends and family, discovering the various tastes and blends of the world. The sophisticated café is currently elevating the experience of specialty coffee in the United Arab Emirates, with six branches operating across Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Dubai. This Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February, Hoof Dubai Mall will be treating each customer to a heart-shaped dessert, to keep things sweet!

Offering an array of artisan coffees powered by Archers, Hoof sources its single-origin beans from thirteen countries worldwide: Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Burundi, Rwanda, El Salvador, Kenya, Ecuador and Yemen. The selection of drinks include espresso base, signature drinks, manual brew, and non-coffee drinks; each served with passion as a by-product of its farmers, roasters, and baristas that each honed their crafts throughout the years.

Hoof rotates its coffee selection between micro-lots and competition coffees, which have a cup score of 88 to 90+ following SCA protocols, meaning they are on the upper tier of specialty coffees worldwide. The café is one of the few coffee shops with the highest-quality and most varied selections of specialty coffees in the Middle East, with close ties to numerous award-winning coffee producers such as Lamastus Family Estates, Savage Coffees, Daye Bensa, and Café Granja La Esperanza.

As not all coffee is the same, Hoof hopes to surprise its patrons with each cup that is served. Some coffees can be fruity and high in acidity, while others can be chocolaty and full-bodied. The possibilities of natural flavours are endless in specialty coffee, and Hoof is driven to help customer discovery. From the seed to the cup, the coffee is seasonally sourced directly from farms and locally roasted, bringing out the diversity of flavours through every cup. Hoof is motivated to keep the taste and quality consistent whilst strengthening coffee knowledge within the community.

Accompanying the artisan coffees, Hoof offers an array of food options to tuck into whilst soaking in the relaxed atmosphere. The main menu items include highlight dishes such as Shakshouka, Figs & Labneh, Grilled Aubergine, and Smash Avocado with Egg. In addition to specially curated pastries, the desserts menu offers delights such as Saffron Milk Cake, Carrot Cake, Orange Cake, Coffee Basque Cheesecake, and Classic Tiramisu.

Hoof’s latest branches opened in Misk, Sharjah and Dubai Mall marking Hoof’s primary and biggest, located on the second floor of the Fashion Avenue. The local specialty coffee café has plans to expand further across the seven Emirates in the near future.

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