HBA completes redesign of The Westin Buckhead Atlanta

Hospitality design firm HBA Atlanta has completed the redesign of The Westin Buckhead Atlanta.

Situated in the heart of Buckhead, the studio has transformed the public spaces and guestrooms of the 368-room hotel, crafting residential-like interiors that blend modernity with tradition.
HBA Atlanta designers drew inspiration from Buckhead’s history, along with Atlanta’s natural landscape and cosmopolitan charm. Warm woods, chiselled and polished stone, and indoor foliage bring the outdoors in, while nature-inspired forms synchronise with tailored detailing and layered texture.The lobby sets the tone for the experience within: triple-height ceilings establish an airiness, and warmth is added through custom furnishings in muted hues of blues and greens. At the centre, an organic seating arrangement with integrated trees and power outlets allows guests to recharge, whereas the adjacent seating group breaks up the large space. A feature chandelier lends dramatic ethereality with dynamic colour, form and light, while large-scale artwork panels above the reception desk showcase botanicals that appear to undulate as if reaching toward the light.

The Westin Well, a new concept for the brand, is a wellbeing experience where guests can rehydrate, where hanging plants are a backdrop to a water refilling station enveloped in natural stone.

In the guestroom corridors, organic influences and nature-inspired artwork are woven throughout, while custom carpet patterns, reminiscent of abstracted wood grain motifs, direct guests to their rooms and suites.

Inside the rooms, custom flush mount lighting projects dappled light at the ceiling, contributing to a tranquil ambiance upon entry. The materiality, tactility and subdued colour palette continue the urban retreat narrative. Refined millwork in fluted and smooth finishes combines with textures that take cues from natural elements to promote wellbeing and a sense of harmony with nature. At the headboard walls, specks of metallic gold in the accent cork wallcovering add touches of luxury.

“Our design for The Westin Buckhead is a tribute to the beauty in nature, our city’s lush green space, and the surrounding site’s past and present. The area was once land for a social hub tavern, later a grand estate rumoured to have seemingly stepped out of the pages of ‘The Great Gatsby’, and today is an iconic shopping destination,” said Jackson Shell, Designer at HBA Atlanta. “We created an urban retreat concept that demonstrates stylish restraint, promotes wellbeing, and feels both energetic and calm with details to discover.”

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