Hansgrohe launches Pulsify range in the UK


Hansgrohe has launched Pulsify, a modern shower range offering high performance and water saving capabilities.

The collection includes a range of technological features, including different spray modes for various experiences, from a microfine PowderRain spray that creates a gentle rain to envelope the user in water droplets, to Intense PowderRain for an invigorating shower. Hansgrohe’s Select technology also makes it easy to switch between spray modes at the touch of a button, while an adjustable inclination angle on the Pulsify shower pipe allows users to position the shower exactly where they want.

For the finishing touch, the ShowerTablet thermostat provides seamless control of the temperature and water volume of the shower, which also serves as a shelf for the storage of shower gel, shampoos, as well as a docking station for a hand shower. The Pulsify ShowerTablet has been designed with a retractable bath filler too, which is discreetly hidden so it can be pulled out to draw a bath and pushed away when not in use for a streamlined, minimalist look.

Pulsify is available in three finishes as standard – chrome, matte black and matte white. The range can be easily combined with other Hansgrohe bathroom products including the Vivenis basin mixer range, and WallStoris accessories to increase storage space in the bathroom without compromising on design aesthetic. These collections are also available in matte black, matte white and chrome to create a cohesive look.

“Pulsify is the perfect showering range for a variety of bathroom aesthetics, and its sleek design is great for compact spaces,” says Sarah Evans, Head of Product Marketing at Hansgrohe UK. “With a wealth of technological features, such as EcoSmart for the eco-conscious bathroom and different spray types, users can have completely individual, luxurious shower experience in their everyday life.”

Each product is designed with the customer in mind, including CoolContact technology in the ShowerTablet that uses an intelligent water flow to prevent the outside of the thermostat from heating up – eliminating uncomfortable contact with hot surfaces. The Pulsify shower pipes are designed with a flat profile too, allowing for a spacious showering experience in compact bathrooms.

For those without the space for an overhead shower, Pulsify’s hand showers are available in two variations that give the same experience. Both are equipped with PowderRain and IntenseRain spray modes, and there is also a third spray mode available in both variants; one a relaxing massage spray and the other a more intense, activating spray.

As more customers look to save water, Pulsify is also available with EcoSmart technology to help lower water consumption. EcoSmart products consume up to 60% less water than conventional products, without compromising on performance. The Pulsify showerhead and hand shower are also equipped with Hansgrohe QuickClean technology, allowing users to run their fingers over the spray surface after showering to remove lime and calcium deposits easily. Finally, the overhead shower has a draining function to reduce dripping after showering, meaning the shower dries faster and the showerhead stays cleaner.

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