Groupe GM announces collaboration with Trussardi


Groupe GM has announced a collaboration with lifestyle brand Trussardi – a line of amenities designed with hotel projects in mind.

Reflecting Trussardi’s signature style of providing a contemporary take on classic elegance, the new collection features neutral tones and minimalist graphics that exude a timeless charm.

The collection features 30ml plant-based tubes and 100% recycled plastic bottles of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, packaged with recycled plastic caps. A 20g engraved white soap also completes the line’s offerings.

Amenities in the new collection contain ingredients which are up to 98% of natural origin, in line with Groupe GM’s Care About Earth programme, which marks its intention to reduce its corporate environmental footprint.

Creatively embracing sustainable design, the line also includes large 400ml dispensers – such as Ghost, which is mounted on a hidden rail, creating an illusion of levitation – and EcoFill, an eco-friendly dispenser that is refillable using sealed pouches.

With their new collaboration, Groupe GM and Trussardi reaffirm a shared commitment to social responsibility and sustainability without sacrificing luxury and style.

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