Getting to know: Salter Brothers’ Marie Colangelo

A recent recruit to the Salter Brothers team, Project Director (Strategic Projects) Marie Colangelo is passionate about hotel design. Here, she shares how her ‘eclectic’ career path led her to the hotels industry and the key design trends she’s most excited about.

What was it that first attracted you to the hotels sector?

My career journey is an eclectic one. On completion of an arts degree, with a philosophy major, I worked in arts administration with major arts organisations. This provided me with an emersion in all things aesthetic and the opportunity to manage a huge range of creative pursuits leading me to interior design. It was when working for interior designers delivering restaurant and bar projects, that I realised my passion is for bringing design to life rather than seeing it on paper, so I undertook a Bachelor of Construction Management. It was serendipitous that I was first introduced to the hotel sector via the construction industry – and it’s definitely less gritty than civil works, but just as many personalities! I have been hooked in by the dynamic “feedback loop” that exists within the hotel sector – the active relationship between the owner, operator and guest, that informs and guides decision making. Hotel projects are deeply rewarding and enriched by the many stakeholders on the journey.

What recent trends in hotel development/design are you most excited about?

The development of boutique, design-led regional hotels and motels is definitely a positive trend worth following. The repositioning of restaurant and bars within hotels is also something I’m celebrating. Salter Brothers has been leading this trend in Australia and both Crowne Plaza Coogee and Crowne Plaza Melbourne are great examples of destination drinking and dining within the hotels.

Are there any key leaders that inspire you? 

I’m inspired by leaders that use their influence to make the world a better place. Ronni Kahn (Oz Harvest) is a passionate advocate for redistributing food, reducing food waste, nourishing those in need and always moving with positivity.                                                       

What career advice would you give your younger self?

Celebrate your achievements. Be your own cheer squad.

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