Generative AI trip planning startup MindTrip raises $7M


MindTrip, a generative artificial intelligence startup founded this year, has raised $7 million as it seeks to make trip planning easier on travelers. Its seed round funding was led by Costanoa Ventures.

Built on large language models, MindTrip seeks to help travelers discover, book and plan travel in one place. The idea is to make the planning experience seamless, with an AI assistant as the base of the user experience. 

Andy Moss, the CEO and co-founder of MindTrip, said the startup saw an opportunity to create a central platform for travelers to get their planning done as opposed to going through the current process Mindtrip describes as “a series of disjointed, self-serve transactions.”

“Where ChatGPT stops at text suggestions, Mindtrip incorporates photos, maps, pricing and availability data that lets someone actually plan and book their complete travel itinerary leveraging generative AI,” Moss said.

MindTrip lets travelers ask any question that’s related to travel – whether it be about flights, hotels, destinations, restaurants, tours – in one place. Then, according to MindTrip, travelers should be able to create and manage their itinerary on the platform. The platform’s AI assistant is integrated with live travel data, maps, photos and suggestions.

Led by a group of 12 co-founders including Moss and Trey Matteson, who co-founded Roadster, and Garrick Toubassi, formerly of Google, the platform is on track to be live in a beta format before year’s end, according to MindTrip. 

“We couldn’t imagine a better team to create an app to improve how every person we know makes their travel plans,” said Greg Sands, managing partner at Costanoa Ventures. “The team hit the ground running and has already created an impressive platform for partners and the customers they want to serve.” 


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