folly, the acclaimed dining destination nestled in the heart of Souk Madinat Jumeirah, invites you to embark on a culinary journey with the launch of an exquisite three-course vegan menu. Skilfully curated by folly’s Executive Chef Bojan Cirjanic and his team, the menu showcases a symphony of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients transformed into vibrant and flavourful dishes.

The three-course vegan feast is complemented by the option to elevate the dining experience with special detox drinks, expertly paired with each course. These unique beverages, curated by General Manager Mario Scanniello, showcase a blend of fruits, vegetables, shrubs, cordials, and essences, providing a refreshing and health-conscious accompaniment to the culinary adventure. All three drinks were created using leftover ingredients in the kitchen, transforming kitchen remnants into delightful and purposeful drink pairings that perfectly align with folly’s dedication to mindful and sustainable dining.

Begin your experience with the starter featuring the freshness of zucchini and avocado combined with the aromatic essence of basil and the depth of flavour from black garlic. Accompanying this is a refreshing drink crafted from turnip, lychee, and a touch of lemon cordial, creating a harmonious balance of sweetness and zest.

For the main course, savour the artistry of a celeriac terrine paired with the earthy richness of black trumpet mushrooms, the subtle sweetness of artichoke, and the herbal notes of dill. Complementing this dish is a unique beverage blend of beetroot, Oriental essence, Sichuan pepper, and verjus.

Conclude your Veganuary feast on a sweet note with a dessert featuring coconut chocolate, velvety tofu mousse, and a burst of blueberries. The accompanying drink, a blend of bamboo, coconut, and lemon shrub, adds a refreshing and tropical touch, bringing a delightful conclusion to this plant-based culinary exploration.

At folly, the belief is that the composition of food holds significance, and the commitment to utilizing fresh, thoughtfully sourced ingredients is evident in every dish. Guests are invited to join folly in celebrating the essence of plant-based cuisine and exploring the rich flavours that nature has to offer.

From garden to table, folly sets the stage for a delicious Veganuary experience. Available until the 31st of January, the three-course folly vegan menu is priced at AED 185, with the optional drink pairing available for AED 120.

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