Freifrau celebrates ten years of Leya

Freifrau classic Leya is this year celebrating its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of elegant comfort. 

The Leya range has grown into an extensive collection over the years. The linear design of Leya’s frame and backrest shell harmonises with the seat’s soft upholstery, with smooth fabrics making its chairs, bar stools, benches, sofas, swings and rocking chairs long-standing Freifrau favourites. 

“The main challenge was to design the chair in such a way that the existing base frames of the Amelie model matched the new seat shell, in order to create a wide variety of models and variability,” recalls designer Birgit Hoffmann. 

Freifrau Indoor Furniture

Leya’s sister collection Leyasoul launched in 2021, bringing the elegant seating styles outdoors. Designers Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss adapted Leya’s shell shape for outdoor use, with Leyasol products characterized by a delicate, weather-resistant wire frame. The soft cushion covers, which are filled with high-quality artificial down, are removable and can be fitted with both weather-resistant textiles and materials for indoor use. 

Photography: © Hendrik Lemke

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