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Roca has expanded its already extensive range of baths to offer a new colour, new sizes, and additional configurations, providing more options than ever before.

“A Roca bath is designed to be at the centre of a hotel bathroom,” said Natalie Bird, Roca Brand Marketing Manager. “However, bathrooms come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, so one model can’t fit all. At Roca, we continuously update our range to meet the needs of as many spaces as possible, and that’s what these new additions are all about.”

white freestanding roca bath in front of floor to ceiling window in bathroom

Image credit: Roca

Roca freestanding baths are made from two modern materials: Stonex and Surfex. Stonex is a composite composed of high-quality resins and natural minerals, providing a smooth gloss finish that is also anti-slip and scratch resistant. Surfex is an innovative solid surface material, exclusively developed by Roca, which offers a soft, matt texture and can be moulded into curves, straight lines and defined angles without any visible seams. The advantage of both materials is that any colour on the bath’s exterior won’t fade over time or discolour when exposed to UV light.

The complete range of Roca Stonex and Surfex baths are available with a contemporary new Black exterior, allowing it to complement the increasing choice of Black sanitaryware in Roca’s collections. Other bath colours include White, Beige, Coffee, Pearl and Onyx. The Beyond bath, made of Surfex,is also available in the new Black shade.

freestanding bath with black exterior and white interior surface.

Image credit: Roca

For bath lovers, having a bath with lots of space is more than just a desire; it is a necessity for achieving the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Roca’s popular Ariane bath has an aesthetically pleasing oval shape with thin walls that maximise bathing space. Ariane is also the perfect choice for creating a focal point in the bathroom without overwhelming the space. It is currently available in a 1650 x 750mm design and now also comes in 1700 x 750mm and 1800 x 800mm sizes. This means that hotels with larger bathrooms can have a bathtub that harmonises with the proportions of the room while providing a generously deep soak. Additionally, as an added benefit, Ariane is a Stonex bath and offers a selection of exteriors in the aforementioned colours, including the new Black.

freestanding bath with black exterior and white interior surface.

Image credit: Roca

A freestanding bath will often take centre stage in a hotel bathroom, but it also takes up considerable room too, with plenty of clearance needed around it. This works in large bathrooms where there is floorspace to play with, but getting the freestanding look in smaller bathrooms can be difficult. One solution is a back-to-wall bathtub with a straight edge that sits neatly against the wall but retains the two-ended look of a freestanding bath. For even more compact bathrooms, there are models that boast the distinctive freestanding curves but are designed to tuck into the corner. Happily, the elegant Raina oval bath by Roca now has new back-to-wall, left- and righthand corner versions. And, at 1800 x 800mm in size, it has the luxurious dimensions you would expect with a freestanding bath.

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Main image credit: Roca


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