Fora adds payment storage facility for travel advisors


Travel agency Fora has unveiled a credit card payment storage facility for travel advisors called the Vault.

Part of the company’s client management tool, the Vault removes the need to collect and store clients’ payment information at the time of booking.

Fora, which enables anyone with a passion for travel to earn revenue by selling travel, said the development is the “foundation of its next big step forward with its integrated booking platform designed to transform trip research and booking travel.”

The booking platform has not been released yet.

The company, a PhocusWire Hot 25 Travel Startup for 2023, added: “With Fora’s client management tool and the Vault, Fora Advisors can now send a secure link to clients via email or even text message. A client uploads their credit card information, and it is automatically and securely stored.”

The Vault is also designed as a tool for advisors to use to build up profiles of their customers adding, for example, travel preferences, birthdays and details of loyalty memberships.

Fora said it beta tested the storage facility with its advisors to gauge feedback.

“Fora’s custom tech tools are developed alongside formal and informal interactions with the company’s advisors, who have been instrumental in guiding Fora technology since day one. Fora staff puts its advisors in the driver’s seat and are constantly tapping into what they need to create functional and cutting-edge tooling,” the company said in a statement.


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