Engaging with Elegance – How to Woo More Guests with Luxury 

In upscale spaces, your guests are more inclined to interact with your brand if it is wrapped in beauty. Ordinary signage and typical gifts just don’t cut it in today’s luxury resorts. Your guests are sophisticated, worldly and used to settings that speak to their refinement and good taste. 

“The details of your decor – from your signage to the gifts in your retail shop – become an important part of the guest experience. Simply put, they must be on point”. 

A small studio in Santa Barbara, CA is focused on solving that problem with upscale signage and gifts for the luxury hospitality industry. Using quality glass and acrylic pieces combined with innovative printing, My Mosaic produces highly personalized items that stay gorgeous for decades. 

Focusing on just a few products, Alex Siegel, Owner and Founder, personally oversees each order to make sure they meet his high standards. Using signage-quality, fade-resistant ink, Alex prints directly on the glass and acrylic, creating water-resistant, scratch-resistant products. 

The Luxury Acrylic Trays are available in three sizes. Acrylic coasters come in a larger 6” x 6” size and a smaller 2.5” x 2.5” size, perfect for signage such as QR codes for cafes or guest rooms. The glass coasters come in a set of four, and a thicker single glass coaster can double as a paperweight. My Mosaic also offers standup signs to fix to a wall or counter. 

Elevate: Bring your signage on par with your elegant interiors

Finding signage options that blend seamlessly with your interiors can be challenging. Most of them are an eyesore, not an asset. 

If your gorgeous Italian marble concierge counter is holding a flimsy plastic photo frame for your QR code or other signage, your guests will surely notice. And worse, they’ll remember. They have radar for that sort of thing. 

Engage: QR codes wrapped in beauty blend seamlessly and offer a richer guest experience But if you wrap your QR codes in sumptuous glass or acrylic coasters, or high-quality standoff signs, your guests will also take notice, but for all the right reasons. Your attention to detail will leave an indelible memory that will equate your brand with luxury. 

Your guests are much more apt to engage with signage that speaks to your shared aesthetic, and will be drawn in to engage much more easily with your brand and all that it has to offer. QR codes provide deep insights into customer behavior and needs, and also provide a deeper dive into all that you have 

to offer. Every opportunity you can find, you want to engage your guests to use your QR codes, and making them beautiful will draw people in. 

Originate: Offer upscale, memorable, on-brand gifts in your retail shops. 

A luxury acrylic tray or set of glass coasters would be a stellar addition to any home, but when they’re branded with your logo and hold the most glorious images of your property, you’ve created something on an entirely new level that will not only delight your guests, but will increase your ROI by echoing your brand for years to come among friends, family and guests.

Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco’s retail gifts. 

Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco created a breathtaking coaster set with four amazing images featuring San Francisco and their iconic hotel, and paired them with My Mosaic’s high-end coasters. Memorable, stunning and functional, the coasters are sure to become often-used keepsakes for years to come. 

Enhance: original artwork is a proven way to engage customers 

Incorporating art into a brand is not a new idea (Absolut, anyone?), but it has been studied extensively and proven to stimulate interest and engage customers. Combining artwork with luxury items kicks it up to another level. 

By working with artists who understand your brand’s image and intention, you can create memorable gifts, retail items and signage that reflect the best aspects of your resort and your guests’ experience. My Mosaic’s high-quality printing process is perfect for extending your brand with artist collaborations.

Original Artwork for Fairmont Grand del Mar’s Private Club Membersh ip Gifts 

Fairmont Grand del Mar is one of the country’s most prized resorts, and they were 

looking for a gift for their club members that was elevated and memorable. My 

Mosaic’s Luxury Serving Tray fit the bill perfectly. Working with local artist Amy 

Logsdon, the trays were produced with a watercolor map of the resort’s property, a 

beautiful reminder to the members of their wonderful hours spent at the club. 

Create: offer unique gifts to your clients they’ll use everyday – and they’ll always think of you. When it comes to gifts for high-end clients, it’s hard to sneak your brand in there. But a highly customizable option can communicate a lot about how you take care of your partners, guests and clients. Something personal, memorable and gorgeous will become the centerpiece of the room, much more than a typical year-end gift. 

Whether in your retail shop or for your private clients, you can make gifting work harder for you. 

My Mosaic’s Luxury Acrylic Trays, Signature Coaster Sets and Single Coasters live “on display” in people’s homes and offices, and become part of the conversation each time they’re used and enjoyed. There is an inherent ROI when you reach that level of engagement, and it reverberates for years. 

Learn more at wearemymosaic.com

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