Disco Chalet: The Ski-Culture Rave Upping Hudson Valley Nightlife


By Janet Mercel on 2.18.24

The nightlife of upstate New York ebbs and flows like anywhere else. But given its seasonal nature and relative isolation, when it ebbs, it can really ebb. There have been pockets of high level energy over the years, (ie. The Limelight club kids in the late 90s coming up to rave in fields, the Spiegeltent, House of Yes, Prime Time, et al.), but if there is any event in recent years that captures the lost art of curating a mega party, it’s the Disco Chalet.

Produced by Sean B Nutley, the unofficial social mayor of Kingston, and his co-organizer, DJ Laura Lynn, the event spans a weekend of festivities, some low-key, some high, at the picture perfect Inness in Accord, NY. 

Laura Lynn, a West Coaster who came to New York in 2018, quickly gravitated to the upstate-downstate trajectory of her Bushwick crew, like DJs Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi (Wolf & Lamb) and Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap) who were already throwing invite-only parties at Hudson Valley properties. And Sean’s events, she says, like Catskills Roller Disco, were selling out. “There was just a sea of people at these things, there was such a need in the area. But there’s only a couple a year, and in the fair seasons. In the winter up here, if you’re not skiing, there’s nothing.”



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