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In the past few years’ bathrooms have become carefully curated spaces, designed to reflect a brand or a homeowner’s personal style, whilst effortlessly combining functionality and aesthetics. Bathroom design in 2024 will continue to build on these key principles, with an emphasis on innovation, style and sustainability. With this in mind, Crosswater has pulled together some of the top trends incoming for bathrooms in 2024.

Crosswater basin mixer in brushed brass with textured surface

Image credit: Crosswater

Textured fittings and fixtures are going to continue to be popular in 2024, whether that be through furniture units, brassware, or wall coverings. Mixing materials like marble with brass accents, or glass with natural wood will be used to create a visually engaging space. “Throughout 2023 we have seen lots of brushed metallics in a range of colours and plenty of fluted metals,” commented Jorge Hernandez, Product and Design Manager at Bathroom Brands Group. “Moving into 2024 we will see the evolution into more expressive textures such as hammered metals and geometric etched patterns”.

As consumer purchasing habits have changed, interior design has developed with homeowners customising their homes to show their personality and carefully curating all aspects. Whether through colour, material finishes, or sizes, a variety of options to choose from is high in designers’ priorities.

pink and blue patterned bathroom tiles with pink basin and round mirror

Image credit: Crosswater

“2024 will see an emphasis on providing plenty of choice in terms of finishing touches, mainly through colour and texture, allowing consumers to create an overall design perfect for their individual homes and tastes,” added Hernandez. “Burlington’s Bespoke range launched this year with great response, as we see consumers begin to really experiment with statement pieces in the bathroom”.

studio pack shot showing the different configurations and finishes of Crosswater Tranquil Lights Collection

Image credit: Crosswater

Lighting has also transcended its practical role, emerging as a significant consideration when designing a bathroom. This year will see more innovative designs ranging from eye-catching light fixtures to customisable mood lighting, transforming a bathroom to elevate the spaces overall experience.

“Bathroom lighting can significantly impact the overall ambiance, functionality and aesthetics of the space,” said Hernandez. “As designers, we are always looking at the best way to ensure our lights remain user friendly, with options to adjust the lighting levels and direction depending on the time of day or desired mood. This year we bought out our first range of illumination to Crosswater, Tranquil lights, designed to pair effortlessly with the brand’s brassware solutions”.

green patterned floor tiles with terracotta wall and green Crosswater hand basin

Image credit: Crosswater

Although muted and serene spa-like spaces remain popular in the world of bathroom design, bathrooms are shedding their neutral palettes as homeowners gravitate towards the more fun and bold tones to add personality to the space. Bathroom Brands Group predict that primary colour accents are coming back following their presence in interiors for some time. We will see a resurgence in individual pops of bold accent colours that no longer have to match, featured in homes.

oval bathroom mirror with wall plants and a terracotta basin unit

Image credit: Crosswater

Earth tones are making a splash in the bathroom world. Soft pastels, warm neutrals and natural hues such as terracotta and forest green are gaining popularity, with these colours said to evoke a feeling of cosiness and relaxation. Blending harmoniously with natural materials, these tones will transform a bathroom into an oasis of calm, for those looking to take a spin on the spa-like haven.

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Main image credit: Crosswater

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