Chapi Chapo Design unveils redesign of W New Orleans – French Quarter

 W New Orleans – French Quarter, part of Marriott Bonvoy’s global portfolio, has unveiled its newly renovated guestrooms and carriage houses.

Led by Canadian design firm Chapi Chapo Design, the redesign centres around the city’s vibrant energy, masterfully capturing the intricate textures and soothing tones reminiscent of New Orleans’ Bayou and immersing guests in the charm of the renowned marshes.

A bold navy backdrop with French-style wall moldings distinguishes the bedroom from the seating area in each open-plan guestroom. Touches of Sazerac orange are present throughout the rooms, which are complete with marble coffee tables, gold hardware, soft lighting and framed black-and-white line drawings of jazz singers in action.

W New Orleans Redesign

Interiors feature Spanish Moss-inspired sconces and custom-made floor lamps which project a backlit visual of an ornate Bayou canopy onto the ceiling, as well as an on-theme mini-bar reminiscent of a treasure chest, paying homage to Louisiana’s famed lore about French pirate Jean Lafitte.

“Being born and raised in Paris, I felt a strong connection to this project given Louisiana’s robust French influence,” says Boris Mathias, Partner at Chapi Chapo Design. “This design was inherently a dance between the rich history woven into the French Quarter’s streets, the architectural tapestry, and the buzzing social pulse that resonates through the city. We are proud to unveil a design that welcomes guests to step behind the veil, surrender to the magic and enjoy the enchantment of the Bayou.”

Derek Tueller, General Manager of W New Orleans adds: “We are proud to welcome guests to experience a mélange of history, mystique, and modern luxury in our all-new guest rooms and carriage houses. For this project, the teams drew inspiration from the authentic charm of this one-of-a-kind city, inviting guests on a captivating journey through design. Now, each elevated yet still playful space is a treasure trove awaiting discovery, where classic New Orleans-style touches every corner.”

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