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When we use water, we tend to forget about the existential value it has and that it is not an infinite source that we can take for granted. That is why the GROHE X Summit which runs from March 7th – 9th 2023, will be focussing on water as a resource and the challenges that surround it.

Societies all over the world are facing numerous challenges such as water scarcity and climate change, that require knowledge-sharing, new ideas and innovative approaches combined with a large dose of pragmatism. During the GROHE X Summit, the brand will highlight the relevance and value of water within society by bringing the industry together to demonstrate that it needs an entire ecosystem to make positive change happen globally.

GROHE clean-up in Bosnia and Herzegovina removing plastic

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“We will look at water in the context of the key trends that shape our industry and the future of living: urbanisation, sustainability, as well as health and wellbeing,” said Jonas Brennwald, Leader, LIXIL EMENA. “We will ask ourselves, what does the future of living look like in a world that seems to spin faster than ever before? How can we contribute to more sustainable buildings? And, finally, what potential does water have as a new mindfulness experience.”

The GROHE X Summit invites participants to join the discussion in various formats. From practice-oriented masterclasses, thought-provoking panel discussions, to inspiring keynotes and fact snacks, the GROHE X digital experience hub caters to the diverse needs of the entire ecosystem the brand is looking to engage. The programme will be complemented by showcases of new GROHE products and technologies, providing the best possible support for a sustainable tomorrow.

Speakers and guests at the summit will include:

• Elina Hiltunen, The Futures Agency, will demonstrate how we can develop scenarios that show us future possibilities and suggest potential pathways.
• Børge Ousland, Norwegian adventurer and polar explorer, will share with us how he observes climate change and its effects during his expeditions.
• Beth Healey, Researcher for the European Space Agency, will present her findings on humanity’s dependence on water.
• Thomas Rau, founder of Turntoo and RAU architects; Anne-Vera Deinhammer, Director for Circular Cities & Regions, Circular Economy Forum Austria; and Gerhard Sturm, Leader Commercial Development, LIXIL EMENA, will discuss how we need to build for a sustainable tomorrow.
• Tina Norden, Principal, Conran and Partners; Rhael “LionHeart” Cape, Spoken Word Artist; Dr. Alan Dilani, Founder, International Academy for Design and Health; and Karl Lennon, Leader Projects Channel A&D, LIXIL EMENA, will look at the healing power of architecture.

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Main image credit: GROHE

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