Best place to experience emerging art and culture?

Contemporary South African art inspires me, and when I visit THK Gallery, it often catalyzes the direction of my collaborative process. It’s also home to some of my favorite artists that I’ve worked with. I’m also always looking at design from a holistic perspective. I enjoy going to WHATIFTHEWORLD gallery to discover new artists and for inspiration. 

Where do you go to see beauty and people?

Norval Foundation in Tokai for its sculpture garden. The drive may be long — by Cape Town standards — but it is so inspiring, and I enjoy the foundation’s head curator Owen Martin’s perspective when it comes to putting together exhibitions, showcasing some of the best but not nearly as celebrated aspects of South African art history. For natural beauty, Clifton Beach is perfectly tucked away. It is where you’ll find me walking my dogs, Nobu and Mischu. Go to TANG for people-watching. Sitting outside, it is quite entertaining to catch the bustle of the waterfront and people from all walks of life going about their day.

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