boutique hotel bedroom trends with • Hotel Designs has spent the year working with designers who have made it clear that boutique hotels are no longer simple nor quaint. Instead, looking to bring the boutique hotel into modernity, starting with a reconsideration of what it is that makes a hotel welcoming, both designers and brand explore how hotels can keep comfort and function as a top priority, while experimenting more with colour and personality.

detail of upholstered bed with throw and textured cushion

Image credit: Lucinda K Design

One of the largest projects the trade team worked on, was a nine-bedroom new luxury hotel in Ibiza. Perfectly pitched between boutique and mid-sized, Pikes is a project which showcases personality, textural interest and great use of materials. An infusion of colour with beautifully bright upholstered beds and complementary artwork creates an ambient and welcoming environment.

“During the renovation, it was vital that the quirky elements were retained to preserve the identity of the hotel,” commented Lucinda Swayne, Interior Designer, Lucinda K Design. “Within the redesign we have created eclectic comfortable rooms with a unique feel, coupled with micro-attention to functionality, so that guests will never want to leave”.

attic guestroom in pink with double bed from facing green vanity

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This focus on functionality comes down to vital design choices: bed size and placement, extra surfaces and storage and lighting decisions.

A perfectly placed bed should leave ample space on each side, ideally enough for the essential bedside table. While beds are ideally placed centrally within the room, this can be a struggle within smaller spaces, when it comes to allow for storage on both sides. Working with designers at Rendall & Wright on a project in Norfolk, the solution was to incorporate a storage ottoman at the foot of the bed, providing both a place to perch and somewhere to stow away personal effects.

Almost all the designers work with, opt for king size beds, keeping in mind that the ultimate requirement for a great overnight stay, is comfort. The main goal is to ensure each guest has the best night’s sleep. Returning customers is the greatest compliment a hotel can receive and the comfort levels will heavily influence the reputation of a great hotel. For the ultimate in indulgence, beds with velvet headboards are a winner, topping all trend lists. Not only do they look luxurious, but they are also beautifully soft and tactile.

“A guestroom should be a comforting space that provides guests with somewhere they never want to leave,” added Swayne. “Top of the list is by far, a comfortable and statement bed”.

double bed in guestroom with wooden beam and exposed brick wall

Image credit: Rendall & Wright

Once comfort levels have been established, lighting is the next crucial element and should be one of the first things considered. Where is the bed going to be placed? You’ll need bedside lamps or wall lights on a separate circuit to allow for adjustable light levels  – true comfort means not leaving your bed to turn off a light switch. Although inherently practical, lighting is another aspect of the room design that can be a vehicle for introducing colour or pattern.

Very much dispelling the reputation that bijoux is boring, it’s clear that smaller hotels are going through somewhat of a design shift. A well thought through and exquisitely executed delivery on all the non-negotiables of a dream hotel stay, can deliver a luxurious escape form day-to-day life irrespective of size. is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our Recommended Suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

Main image credit: Lucinda K Design

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