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The Boost Mineral collection from Atlas Concorde has its focus firmly on nature, with its goal to make the boundary between living space and outdoors fluid, creating a continuity of ambiance, colour and style. The mission is to generate a new harmony between the design of spaces and the natural environment.

outdoor space moving into interior with same floor treatment to create a flow

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

The trend recalls the idea of designing wellness spaces in perfect harmony with nature, creating a sensory experience in living spaces that is as close as possible to outdoor life. This new collection, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, makes it possible to achieve continuity and uniformity of style in any setting. The texture of Boost Mineral faithfully echoes the characteristics of the original stone traditionally worked using the bush-hammering technique and fully expresses the authenticity of its natural essence.

natural stone finish tile from Atlas Concorde on wall and floor surface

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

The fine, compact grain is enhanced in Atlas Concorde’s interpretation, bringing out the details and inclusions capable of adding personality and orienting the style of the space. The earthy appearance of the surface bears the markings of tools and time with a slightly three dimensional texture. The compact colour is interrupted in places by outcroppings of the minerals that have sedimented over the centuries and now add to the surface texture. The balance between the fine, rich grain and natural colouring generates a surface with a contemporary, original style.

bathroom with angled skylight over freestanding bath and double round mirrors with stone tiled floor running between bathroom and bedroom

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

The collection features five different tones that explore the grey scale in harmony with the Boost World project it is a part of, sharing a common style and shades that thus multiply the design potential through the possibility of mixing and matching the tiles of the various collections.

The selection of formats is broad, to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor projects. There are tiles in 60 mm modules (60×60, 60×120, 120×120, 120×278), 75 mm modules (75×75, 75×150), and a wide range of outdoor formats (grip and 20 mm). Completing the selection are the large slabs measuring 120×278 cm, which enrich the entire range with a new stone effect and, used on walls, create the effect of a monolithic space with practically no joints.

As a part of the Atlas Concorde Boost Mineral product system, it is available both in the Atlas Plan 162×324 cm slab format, which can be used to clad kitchen countertops or furnishings, again with a monolithic effect, and in Atlas Concorde Habitat washbasins, which, thanks to the variety of formats and the exceptional aesthetic appeal of Boost Mineral, appear to be carved from a single block of natural stone.

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Main image credit: Atlas Concorde

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