Bookboost releases Guest journey Guide

Today, guests expect personalisation. But that is only the cherry on the pie. Several other trends explain their behaviours and how they want to be treated by their favourite brands, including the hotels they choose to stay in. Then, what can you do as a hotelier? Adapt. Always adapt.

What will you learn?

In this guide you will discover the importance of having a guest journey, how it looks, and how you can personalise it according to the trends that guide the behaviours of the 2023 guests. You will also find recommendations on how to develop each stage of the journey.‍

What are the topics?

  • What is a guest journey
  • Why is a guest journey important
  • What are the stages of a guest journey
  • Guest behaviour trends for 2023
  • Tips to create a guest journey
  • How to personalise the pre-stay
  • How to personalise the in-stay
  • How to personalise the post-stay


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