“Becoming Familiar” Is The Experience To See and Touch at Design Miami 2023

The pieces are a collective play of materials in tactility, texture and light, and the womb-like installation invites observers to move about the space, absorbing aural, tactile and visual sensations and exploring human interactivity, with their surroundings and each other.

The centerpieces of the collection are Apex, a hand sculpted and casted basin, burning a candle through the hours with an audible, time-released chime, and Caterpillar, a parametric lounger with a tactile sound experience that quickly went viral, drawing people from all corners of the fair to experience the innovative use of vibration via tactile sound. Stitched and upholstered works like the Wing and Landing Pad, a modular marshmallow and ottoman, and Orbit, a suspended botanical installation; mix with Bianca Carrara marble in Pinnacle, and Throne, an interactive sculpture functioning as an incense burner.

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